A&M Imports VW and  Audi team of technicians including ASE certified mechanics, are here to address your service needs. Whether you need a battery, oil change, tune-up, muffler exhaust repair, car brake repair, transmission replacement, wheel alignment, shock or strut replacement, air conditioning maintenance or engine management service, we're here to assist
Scheduled maintenance is the most important component to keeping your Audi or VW in prime condition. Our certified car repair specialists are here to keep your vehicle in top shape. We want to share the value the preventative maintenance with you so you don't get stuck down the road. We can also provide vehicle inspections or car emissions tests.

The auto repair and Audi service department at Jim Ellis Audi of Atlanta is highly respected. Our technicians have years of experience with the Audi brand. We have an excellent customer satisfaction ranking, and offer loaner cars for our customer's convenience.
 Our expert technicians and advisors will diagnose the problem and work to fix it right the first time. Don't risk the well-being and future of your vehicle by bringing it to someone who doesn't know Audi.

Car Care Services
· Scheduled Maintenance
· Malfunction Indicator Lights
· Drivability Concerns
· Air Conditioning System Service
· Cooling System Service
· Brake Fluid Flush
· Tire Rotation
· Engine Oil and Filter Change

General Services
· General Repair -  Gas or Diesel
· Fleet Repairs - Gas or Diesel

Cooling & Heating Services
· Belt & Hoses
· Radiators · Flanges
· Thermostats & Heater cores
· Cooling & Heating

Transmission Services
· Automatic
· Manual
· Front-wheel drive
· Four-wheel drive
· Clutches

Undercar Services
· Brakes
· Anti-lock Brake Systems
· Chassis
· Alignment
· Driveline
· Struts
· Shocks
· Suspension
· Steering

Engine Services
· Timing
· Cylinder Head
· Oil System
· Cooling System
· Ignition
· Fuel Injection

Electrical Services
· Diagnostics
· Computer
· Drivability
· Engine Controls
· Wiring Repair

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